What is Testniques.com?

Steven N. Weisman is an author and private Test Prep Tutor. After September 11, 2001, he served as a volunteer for NY Cares where he taught an SAT prep class at Humanities High School in New York City. He was formerly an instructor with a large national test prep company. For 8 years he offered a low cost, 12 session SAT prep course to hundreds of students in his hometown of Bayside, New York. Mr. Weisman is now available exclusively for private, in-home tutoring. He focuses mainly on preparing students for 4 exams—SAT, ACT, TACHS and SHSAT. Mr. Weisman's philosophy is simple - give each student the necessary tools to succeed, but at the same time, stress to each student that he or she must practice in between lessons in order to master the techniques needed to obtain a great score.

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