Attention Parents: The Best Thing You Can Do for your HS Junior or Senior This Summer Is ………

Buy a home delivery subscription to the NY Times. Have your child flip through the newspaper each day and pick out 2 articles he or she finds interesting.  Buy some index cards as well. Have your child read the articles, pick out some vocabulary words and place them on the non-lined side of the index cards. Then have your child go to and find five synonyms of  each new word.  Have your child write  the synonyms on the opposite (lined) side of the index card.

When the summer is over your child will have read at least 120 articles, defined 300 words and grouped those words with 1500 synonyms.  This should take no longer than 45 minutes per day.  This activity will become so commonplace with your child it will be as natural as brushing his or her teeth.

In addition to the increased word power, your child will become more worldly and have a new and broader knowledge about  a range of topics.  When your child sits for the PSAT or SAT this fall, his or her mind will be sharp and reading comprehension will be much better.

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