The Benefits of Private Tutoring

  • Lessons take place in the quiet of your own home or designated area, without the distractions of others, without iPods, cellphones and the TV blaring
  • Flexible scheduling– after school or on the weekends
  • No travel time required.  We come to you!  A great benefit for the busy student who often must run out of the house after the lesson to go to another activity
  • Personal access to your instructor in between lessons;  via email or phone
  • Tailored lessons focus solely on the student’s weaknesses
  • Valuable skills learned from weekly lessons eventually become habit-forming

Who Benefits From Private Tutoring?

Private tutoring is not for every student.  Some are okay in a large prep class.  Still, others prefer to lock themselves in their room with the books and prepare alone.  For the rest of you, a private tutor can be of great use.  Here are some profiles of students who can thrive with one on one instruction:

1. The Social Butterfly- the student with many friends will more than likely sit in the back of the room of a large Test Prep Class and socialize while the instructor is giving the lesson.  To the social butterfly, SAT or ACT prep is just another social event and an opportunity to goof off.

2.  The Overprogrammed Student- Captain of the Swimming Team or Captain of the Cheerleaders, Interns at the Local Soup Kitchen, Lead actor in the school play.  You get the picture!  With such an irregular schedule, it is hard for these “kings and queens” of the extracurriculars to show up at a test prep class every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. So a private tutor who can mix and match dates and times is a great luxury.

3.  The Lazy, Unstructured, Unfocused Student- sometimes an intelligent kid needs the structure and focus which private tutoring can provide. Tutors can act as mentors to these students through motivation, organization and by making sure they complete the homework in a timely manner.