Thoughts on the SAT Cheating Scandal

Don’t do it!  Don’t even think about it!  Don’t ruin your life before its starts.

Paying people for things you can do yourself is lazy, immoral and illegal.  If you start paying people to take an SAT in High School where will it end?  Will you start paying people to take your college and graduate school tests?  Will you pay people to write your papers and to “stand in” for you at final exams?

Then, later in adulthood will you pay people for “inside information” and trade on that information?  Will you start paying bribes to politicians for favorable deals and contracts?

If you start down this slippery slope two things will inevitably happen– the money will run out, leaving you with no skills or sense of self-worth; or you will wind up in jail with plenty of time to think about how your life went so terribly off course.