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Whenever a new parent calls me about tutoring, he or she inevitably asks “What tips and tricks are you going to teach my child to master the test?”

My response, “If he or she wants to learn tricks, hire a magician!”

The point being– there are no shortcuts which will make a non-reader become a brilliant reader; there is no magic pixie dust which will automatically turn your student into a problem solver, master of grammar, critical thinker or logical reasoner.

Think about this– How did your son or daughter become a skilled dancer, artist, writer, athlete, musician, singer, or actor? Answer-Years of practice, every day, several hours each week, no days off, no weeks off.

Only when the student has acquired the necessary fundamental skills of reading, writing, critical thinking and problem solving will any “tips and tricks”add any value to her overall scores on standardized tests.

Ask successful students how they achieved their testing goals.  I bet none will tell you that “tricks and tips” were responsible.  I bet they will all say, “Hard Work”.

So start early, encourage your child to do something each day, no days off and eventually your child will master anything he or she sets her mind to.

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