Why do I have to know this?

Students often ask why do I have to know this? Sometimes the subject matter on standardized tests has no practical application to everyday life. But, while students may not have to know about coordinate geometry or recite an ancient Greek poetry passage per se, they do need to develop:

  • Critical Reading Skills, ie. the ability to read between the lines, the ability to infer, the ability to understand the tone and thesis of an article.
  • Problem solving skills, ie. the ability to solve a math problem from certain given information.  The ability to play detective by piecing the parts together and then arriving at a logical conclusion through a systematic approach.
  • The ability to write, ie. express themselves in a clear, logical and concise manner. To learn how to write like adults by shunning baby language and by using mature sentence structure and an educated vocabulary.

These valuable skills if mastered will provide a student with valuable assets to perform well in  college and in the job market.

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