Why We Love the Official Question of the Day App

We have to admit, we are not at the cutting edge of technology. It was not until yesterday that we purchased our first I-Phone. One of the first things we did was upload the Official Question of the Day app from the I-tunes store. The app is free and is excellent for several reasons:

1. It is very easy to navigate.

2. Students love their phones but rarely look at their computers or emails, so they are much more likely to actually use this feature on a regular basis.

3. Students can access the last 7 questions so the recalcitrant (SAT word,look it up) student can make up for lost time

4. The screen is set up so that the question appears without the answers. This is perhaps the most important feature of all because we teach that the question is much more important than the answers! Students can focus exclusively on analyzing and understanding the question before requesting the answers (which appear on a separate page).  Once the student totally understands the question, the answer usually pops of the page in a matter of seconds.

You can access the app from your I-Phone by searching Official Question of the day from Apple’s App Store or by clicking on the Icon on the Question of the Day page from the Collegeboard.

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